** You will receive your profoma invoice AFTER your order has been packed, so please check over your order carefully before checkout, if you do make an error notify us as soon as possible (within 24hrs) of any changes as these may incur additional charges if we have to unpack and re-pack your order to make amendments/additions and re-calculate shipping costs **



Reselling of branded products, or any reference to Merchant & Mills is strictly forbidden on 3rd party sites like Etsy, eBay and Amazon – selling on private websites is fine – selling of made goods is fine


Merchant & Mills trade is open Mon-Fri (not weekends, or Bank Holidays).

All prices on the website are in GBP and net.

VAT IS NOT included in any prices on the wholesale website.

Advised minimum order is £200.

CARRIAGE is added after an order is packed, not at check out.


ORDER DISCREPANCIES – Please notify us within 30 days of receipt if you have queries – after this time I’m afraid we cannot issue refunds


POST BREXIT for EU customers

As a member of the EU you will now have to pay VAT on receipt of your order, at the rate of the country in which the shipment clears customs.

There shouldn’t be any import taxes or fees on products of UK or EU origin, but we can’t guarantee this.

Effectively you should expect to pay a similar amount, but just in a different way.

We will now need your tax and EORI numbers prior to shipping – if not provided we will hold the order until we have the required numbers.



VAT no. – only needed for EU and does help for International businesses (UK orders are all subject to VAT so we don’t need your no.)

EORI – compulsory for EU and helpful for other countries outside the UK.



Please select the currency you wish to be billed in – the options are GBP, USD and EUR – as soon as you place your 1st order your account will be set up in the selected currency and this cannot then be changed without cancelling your online account and re-registering.



Please check your junk emails if you haven’t received an order confirmation – automatic emails from the website come from ‘wholesale@’ but we find some accounts, particularly Gmail, block them.



1. To order please select an option – Single or ‘Pack of..’ and ‘Add to basket’ – there are price breaks on some products for ordering multiples.

2. For additional product details please click on the product image, where you can also find extra images in ‘Gallery’ and alternatives if applicable.

3. If a product is out of stock – click into the product and you can register to get an email when it’s back in stock.

4. All cloth is in 10m/20m increments, but subject to +/- 20% depending on what roll sizes come in to us – if you require an exact meterage then please specify this in the notes on your order.

5. All cloth will be shipped on rolls (unless you request otherwise), with the exeption of Indian cottons which are shipped boxed.

6. Cloth width – is usually inclusive of the selvedge edge, and sometimes might not be exact from batch to batch – if the width is crucial please email to check!



Please see ‘Shipping information’



Please let us know as soon as possible! Orders are passed to the packing team the day after received, afterwhich additions/amendments are not possible – so please check over your order carefully.

You will receive your invoice AFTER your order has been packed, so additions at this point are not possible – extras will be charged as a new parcel and will have to wait in the queue for packing.



Please adhere as closely as possible to our RRPs which can be found on the retail website.